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How Can a Great ACH Product Change Your Business?

Save Time? Save Money? Become More Organized?

Did you know?

ACH is faster and cheaper than:

  • • Writing a Check (Payroll & Vendor Bills)
  • • Going to the Bank (Deposits)
  • • Creating/Mailing Invoices (Accounts Receivable)
  • • Calling to Collect (Delinquent Payments)

Customers prefer ACH payments to:

  • • Writing a Check
  • • Mailing a Check
  • • Being Late for a Payment
  • • Remembering Due Dates

Research Indicates Clients Want Convenience & Speed

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ACH can do all this and more... Simplify your life and theirs!

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About ACH Solutions

ACH Solutions Team

ACH Solutions was founded in 2009 by the executive team of UMS Banking, a 28 year old Payment Processing firm. CEO, Joyce Gaines, and CFO, Lynda Neuman, developed this subsidiary after a long search to find a low cost solution for their existing Bankcard customers who required ACH services.

“We were looking for product that easily integrated into a Gateway for both credit cards and ACH, an all-in-one-product that was simple, yet powerful and that did not come with numerous ‘add-on fees’. What we found was both cumbersome and expensive, created for large industry and cost prohibitive to the small to mid-size business.” - Joyce Gaines

Focusing on efficiency for businesses ACH Solution developed a versatile product that can stand on its own; be an all-in-one product that integrates credit card and ACH Processing into one product or that integrates into proprietary software systems easily and rapidly. Today our system is used by businesses, both big and small from home-based businesses to governments to major merchants and financial institutions.